9 Warm Weather Activities for PreSchoolers

7:59 pm Games and Activities


Photo Courtesy: Flickr – Todd Baker<<TechnowannabeHere are some ideas for summer fun for you and the kids.

  1. Fill a dish wash detergent bottle with water, and squirt about outside.
  2. Skip. Use about 7 feet of rope, not too long or short.
  3. Play Traffic Lights – when you hold up something red, she runs…, something green, she stops…, and something yellow, she hops around.
  4. Hang a bed sheet over a clothes line, and you have a tent.
  5. Set up an obstacle course.
  6. Go on a nature walk – tape a piece of tape to her wrist, and every time she finds something interesting, flowers, leaves, pebbles, she sticks them on her “nature bracelet.”
  7. Puncture a hole in a watering can, and fix to the back of her tricycle. Fill up with colored water at your “gas station” and let her ride around till her tricycle runs out of “gas.”
  8. Have fun with water. Fill balloons three quarters with water, and fling them about the yard.
  9. Let her make her own playhouse outside – give her a large cardboard box (like a refrigerator box),  old greeting cards or baby shower invites, a few markers, crayons and paints, and let her design her new house. She can make windows, doors, curtains, paint your house number, even a little garden outside. (Lay out an extra cardboard sheet to make the garden.)

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